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  • Stillwell Poptones (Remix)

    12,29 €
  • Bellwoods Donkey Venom

    13,15 €

    "At its roots it's a rich, dark ale, but the time it spends in barrels with brett and bacteria harmonizes the ingredients, yielding bright levels of acidity and complimentary fruit flavours. A hybrid style of sorts, that defies simple categorization. A foundation of roasted malts lends aromas of chocolate, mocha, and charred wood, while the flavours are firmly rooted in tart berries, black forest cake, and subtle caramel. High, refined carbonation within a dry body."

  • Bellwoods Farmageddon -...

    11,51 €
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    "Farmageddon is our wild farmhouse ale that we've been brewing, blending, and aging for almost as many years as we've been open. The blending process allows us to maintain a common thread across batches, the aging adds nuanced layers, while the brett and bacteria work hard to create small idiosyncrasies in each release. It's a refined, effervescent, and delicious beer worthy of special occasions and idle weeknights. Distinct aromas of oak, green apple and gewurztraminer grape play wonderfully into flavours of pear, tropical fruit, white grape and vanilla. "

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  • Bellwoods Grandma

    14,85 €

    "Grandma's Boy was one of the very first beers we aged in oak at Bellwoods, and its (almost) yearly release is one that garners much excitement. This year we decided to switch things up and share the unfruited version, in all its sour/funky/crisp glory -- and named it, simply, Grandma. The absence of fruit allows for more subtle flavours to shine through, showcasing the perfect intersection of acid, brett, oak, and a crisp, spritzy body. Gentle acidity balanced by refined brett character accented by notes of green tea, bosc pear, and champagne"

  • Bellwoods Intermodal (2021)...

    16,49 €

    "Intermodal is our very first 100% spontaneously inoculated wild beer, created in a style inspired by traditional lambic producers. This particular Intermodal is our first three year blend, with spontaneously fermented beer from 2020, 2019 and 2018. We blended this year’s Intermodal for our tastes, that is to say using a larger percentage of the younger barrels than aged ones, and the results are a delectable balance of acidity and bitterness, with notes of tannic white grape, wild fermented cider, and apple baking spices."