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  • Alcool : 8%
  • Alvinne Cuvée Sofie

    3,81 €
  • De Leite Fils à Papa 9

    2,95 €

    Blond Sour ale aged on vin jaune oak barrles Domain Martin Faudot. BB is December 2021

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  • Alvinne's Felowship 2019 -5...

    22,73 €

    From Alvinne's Facebook: " It was supposed to be Barrels out of Bond, but a typo decided otherwise ?? This one is my absolute favorite. It's great in it's simplicity, yet so complex. A Belgian style farmhouse tripel, brett, Morpheusyeast and a Vermouth barrel. That, time and that magic Alvinne juju. At Alvinne, we are storytellers, what a great story this beer tells. Oh, and about those Barrels out of B(l)ond, pretty sure many Fellows will love this story as well ... The Dwarves are captured by the Elves and brought before the Elven-king, but Bilbo evades discovery by using the Ring. The Dwarves refuse to tell Thranduil why they were in the forest, and are locked up in separate cells as a result. Bilbo, invisible, wanders Thranduil’s halls until hatching a plan. He discovers th...

  • La Source Malice

    6,50 €

    "This series explores the endless possibilities of fermented liquids. For this first hybrid, we fermented one of our sour beers over dried apples and then let it rest in barrels. Finally, we blended it with a cider co-produced with Fermenthings. The result is a hybrid, a chimera from ancient times"

  • Alvinne Farmhouse Sour 5 -...

    14,50 €
  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2021...

    25,62 €

    Alvinne Fellowship 2021 Ale No 4: Blend of Calvados & Carcavelos Barrel Aged Cuvée Sofie.