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Imperial Stout


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  • Buxton Rain Shadow 2021

    4,88 €

    "A deep brooding, heavyweight stout, crammed with intense, deep-roast speciality malts. 2021 Vintage " best before is 23/12/2022

  • Cycle Rare Dos (Aged Over...

    35,96 €

    Rare Dos aged in whiskey barrels for over one year.

  • Cycle Rare Dos (Aged Over...

    36,95 €
    : 4

    "R2 - Rare Dos that has been aged in Maker’s Mark barrels for at least 2 years. With Maker’s Mark being a wheated bourbon, it was an ideal barrel for extended aging. No adjunctions, just all barrel all day."

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  • Jackie O's / Off Color...

    18,80 €

    "Summoned from its rest in rum barrels after fourteen long months, this hefty stout totes tones of spice cake, Demerara Sugar, and nutty cocoa. Brewed in collaboration with our dear friend John Laffler of Off Color Brewing, allow this paranormal stout to warm slightly in the glass before you put your fuzzy paws on it."

  • Jackie O's / Buxton Rack -...

    20,62 €
    : 4

    After brewing this imperial stout, it was aged in bourbon barrels for 14 months and conditioned on vanilla beans, almonds, cacao, and pecans.

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  • Galea Black Heaven Dreams

    8,57 €
    : 1

    Black dreams aged for 6 months on freshly emptied Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.

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  • Jackie O's Black Mask...

    17,81 €

    Bourbon Barrel aged Stout with coffee, cacao nibs, and vanilla beans added

  • Jackie O's Champion Ground...

    17,81 €

    "In 2015, we had a one off imperial stout aging in barrels for close to a year. These barrels had a rich chocolate/vanilla character. But were asking for a boost. Stauf's coffee roasters in Columbus, Ohio nailed the perfect roast on some authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to compliment this barrel-aged stout."

  • Jackie O's Dark Apparition...

    17,81 €

    "The hauntingly good brew in your hand is rife with dark complexities. Seven malts were used to create deep flavors of coffee, chocolate, caramel, and molasses. A hint of bitterness and herbal character from carefully selected European and American hops help support the monolithic maltiness. This special batch was aged in bourbon barrels and conditioned on vanilla beans and whole coffee beans. A truly decadent brew that is intended to be poured into your favorite snifter annd given time to warm up from its dark and cool resting place."

  • Totem Barrel Aged Speculoos...

    4,60 €

    Imperial Stout brewed with speculoos cookies and lactose aged in bourbon barrels. Best before is 01/12/2023

  • La Pirata Black Block...

    5,60 €

    Bourbon BA Imperial Stout.

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  • Cycle Cuvée Just Macadamia

    34,34 €
    : 4

    Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout aged for 20 months and then aged on Macadamia Nuts

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  • Cycle Monday 2021

    38,77 €
    : 2

    "Barrel Aged Maple &+ with Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans, Cocoa Nibs + Peppers"

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  • Cycle Thursday 2021

    36,62 €
    : 4

    "30 month barrel aged maple DOS brunch with Mostra coffee."

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  • Cycle Wednesday 2021

    38,77 €
    : 3

    "Barrel Aged Stout with Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans, Cherry, and Coffee."

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  • Central Waters Brewer's...

    9,26 €

    "A bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with local Emy J's coffee, whole vanilla beans, and cinnamon. The flavor profile of this wonderful beer boasts a lush mouthfeel, with just the right amount of creamy spice character to meld with the rich malt and barrel-aged profile."

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  • Buxton Early Start

    6,29 €

    Café Mocha Crème Imperial Stout. best before is 18/06/2022

  • Stu Mostów / Whiplash Old...

    6,87 €
    : 4

    "An old school Imperial Stout brewed with 6 different special malts and hopped with classic American hops. Big, bold and roasty with a lot of malty, chocolate notes. "

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  • DOK Hard to Get Bourbon BA

    20,40 €

    Bourbon barrel aged royal stout

  • Kees Caramel Fudge Stout...

    4,36 €

    Imperial Stout brewed wiith chocolate and caramel, then aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels.

  • Central Waters Twenty Four

    40,29 €
    : 2

    "Our 24th anniversary beer is an opulent blend of bourbon barrel aged stouts. "

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  • Central Waters Twenty Four...

    40,29 €
    : 1

    "Our 24th anniversary beer is an opulent blend of barrel aged stouts. This variant also sports toasted coconut and milk sugar with flavors reminiscent of a decadent coconut macaroon"

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  • Totem Barrel Aged Stout...

    5,36 €

    Barrel Aged Stout - Elijah Craig Barrels. 10% - Barley Malt - Golden Promise, Oats, Chocolate Malt. Columbus Hops.Nottingham Yeast.

  • Galway Bay / La Pirata...

    7,40 €

    "At the end of November we welcomed La Pirata Brewing to Galway for the long awaited return leg of our collaboration. This triple mashed Imperial Stout spent three months in steel before being infused with thoughtful amounts of Madagascan Vanilla beans & tonka beans. The bean treatments have added layers of decadent milk chocolate & vanilla to what was already a luscious imperial stout.." BB is March 2023 (Canned March 2022)

  • Lupum Imperial Stout Maple...

    6,92 €
    : 3

    Imperial Stout with cacao, maple syrup and vanilla

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  • Lupum Imperial Stout Tonka...

    6,59 €

    Port Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Vintage 2018

  • Laugar Aupa Tovarisch Ardbeg

    6,07 €

    "Classic Aupa Tovarisch aged in Ardbeg's Kindalton single malt whisky barrels"

  • Laugar Midnight Harvest 2022

    5,76 €

    "Barrel Project. Barrel blend w/ Porto wine and scotch whisky barrels; and cocoa nibs From Papua New Guinea"

  • Weird Beard Sadako

    6,36 €

    "A beer that won our head brewer Bryan awards back in his home brew days. With honey, molasses and freshly roasted coffee beans added to the boil this is a complex, lightly carbonated imperial stout."

  • Granizo Foxy Lady

    13,63 €

    Red wine BA Imperial Stout w. Puta Madre Chili

  • Lervig Rackhouse Coconut...

    17,31 €

    "This beer is defined by a natural marriage of coconut, rum and bourbon which produce aromas of coconut cream pie. Upon the first sip, light notes of honey and spice dance on the tongue before freshly-brewed coffee intertwines with the dominant toasted coconut flavours. The finish has a boozy edge which is softened by vanilla-forward sweetness and oak lactones from both the coconut and 14 months in bourbon & rum barrels."

  • Bellwoods Black Liquids Vol. 9

    11,66 €

    "The latest volume in the Black Liquids series brings together the classic yet sophisticated combination of chocolate and oranges. The base beer received a generous dose of toasted cocoa nibs and was further conditioned on a big ol’ heap of orange peels — extracting the essence of the orange without the acidity in the name of keeping everything silky smooth. Does Black Liquids 9 bring forward fond memories of munching on a Terry's Chocolate Orange? Definitely. Did we melt several Terry’s Chocolate Oranges together in a pot in order to conduct a side-by-side taste comparison? Maybe later."

  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2021...

    24,75 €

    Alvinne Fellowship 2021 Ale No 6: Mano Negra (Belgian Stout) Gin BA with dried Medlar.

  • LIBF 2022 Imperial Stout...

    64,42 €

    Limited pack containing some of our favorite Imperial Stouts from the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival 2022. Della Fonte Symphony From The Barrel n. 3 (Old Forester Bourbon BA w. Vanilla), Laugar Midnight Harvest (Port & Scotch WHisky BA w. Smoked Cacao), Lupum RIS w. Maple & Vanilla, Totem Barrel Aged Speculoos Stout, Granizo Foxy Lady (Red WIne BA w. chilli peppers), Weird Beard Sadako, Atrium Willy Tonka Chocolate Crave Long Boil.

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  • The Garden Double Imperial...

    4,16 €
    : 3

    "Rich, smooth and ridiculously chocolatey. Rested on Madagascan Vanilla."

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