Lambic beer

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  • Alcool : 7.7%
  • Lambiek Fabriek Juicy &...

    12,06 €

    "A fresh and fruity fruit beer, naturally based on our lambics, with two types of fruit. On the one hand we have the red currant (60%), on the other hand the Muscaris grape (40%) with an alcohol content of 7.7% "

  • 3 Fonteinen Druif -...

    32,19 €

    Season 2020-2021 Assemblage #27. Bottled on 11/02/2021. "For this, Druif, we co-fermented Belgian Dornfelder with one- and two-year old lambik in a 53/47 cut. We used the freshly pressed and shortly skin-macerated juice and put the unfermented juice with young lambik for continued fermentation in stainless steel. Afterwards, we blended with two-year old lambik. All lambikken originate from seven different barrels and seven different brews. The final fruit intensity is 31.6%."