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  • Alcohol: 10%
  • Brabant Yeva


    Yeva is the base beer for Brabant's imperail stouts. Imperial stout brewed without adjuncts.

  • Laugar / NaprBCN / Malte...


    Russian Imperial Stout with lactose, Ethiopian coffee and tonka beans.

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  • Kees Barrel Project 18.14


    Imperial Stout aged on Bowmore Barrels

  • Siren Barrel Aged Primal Cut


    Imperial Breakfast Stout brewed with Coffee, Lactose, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla and aged in Bourbon barrels.

  • AF Brew Big Black Mash


    "Mid-season release: one hell of a Butterscotch Imperial Stout. Say goodbye to cold winter days, say hello to sweet days of spring! "

  • Alvinne Mano Negra Virgin Oak


    Funky Imperial Stout aged for one year in brand new french oak barrels.

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  • De Moersleutel Smeerolie...


    Imperial Stout with chipotle, vanilla, cinnamon - cacao nibs.

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  • Alvinne Mano Negra


    Funky Imperial Stout.

  • De Moersleutel Wanna taste...


    Imperial Gingerbread stout brewed with Ginger, Vanilla, Cinnamon and nutmeg.

  • Siren Origin Story


    "With more than 20 speciality malts, two separate mashes and three oak varieties, this is one of the most ambitious recipes we've ever attempted. Expect caramel, honey, nuttiness, chocolate, coffee and subtle smokiness all coming through with refined depth. Rich residual sugars balance with oak tannins to keep the beer drinkable, moreish and spectacularly flavoursome."

  • De Moersleutel Aztec Hot...


    Imperial Stout with Ancho Chili, Ghanese cacao nibs, Ecuadorian cacao nibs, vanilla - cinnamon.

  • De Moersleutel Double Roast...


    Imperial coffee stout with Planadas Espresso from Coffee Collective (DK). Coffee Origin: Tolima, Colombia

  • Totem Smoked Stout


    Smoked stout brewed with Molasses, Vanilla and Lactose. 40 IBU and 80 EBC

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  • Kees Anniversary -6


    Imperial Stout wih no adjuncts.

  • Stu Mostów WRCLW Imperial...


    "In our new WRCLW beer, we decided to recreate the taste and smell of a breakfast classic with a French origin, namely French Toast! To achieve this effect, we enriched the extractive and strong base of Imperial Stout with lactose, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla, which emphasized the character of the pastry. Finally, we saturated it with nitrogen to enhance the dessert feeling and top the beer with a fine bubble foam. So it will be thick, creamy and outstandingly dessert."

  • Buxton Rain Shadow 2021


    "A deep brooding, heavyweight stout, crammed with intense, deep-roast speciality malts. 2021 Vintage "

  • Velka Morava Antares


    "Deep and dark as the outer space, silky, thick and soft, named after the brightest star in the Scorpius constellation. Rich malty flavour with a hint of chocolate lava cake, toasted hazelnut, caramel fudge and coconut cookies. A bit on the sweet side, with a long chocolate finish."

  • Aslin / Black Project Amaroo


    "Brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla - almonds for decadent, chocolatey flavor blended with a soft - fluffy vanilla sweetness - complimented by a subtle nuttiness from the almonds. A flavorful treat that will have you closing your eyes and picturing yourself floating lightly on smooth, chocolatey stout waves."

  • L'Ermitage / Hoppy Road...


    Imperial Stout without adjuncts aged in red wine barrels.

  • Alvinne Mano Negra Piment...


    Barrel Aged Mano Negra (Imp Stout) with Piment d'Espelette.