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Pastry Sour


  • DOK I Shot the Cherry

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    Pastry Sour brewed with cherries and lactose.

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  • DOK I Shot the Cherry Pinot...


    Pastry Sour brewed with cherries and lactose and then aged for 6 months in Burgundy Pinot Noir barrels.

  • Stu Mostów The Headless...

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    "We continue our series of crazy dessert sours! Souring the beer in the kettle gave the beer the right sourness, while a fair amount of residual sugar was provided by the addition of maltodextrin and lactose, which are unfermented sugars. Another nod to dessertiness is the Hydra yeast, it is also the one that leaves a lot of saccharides. Complexity is lent by a proprietary blend of spices that includes cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, cloves and vanilla. The whole thing resembles a tart!"

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  • Neon Raptor Twerking Turkeys


    "Turkeys love a good ol’ twerk but they don’t love this time of year. Let’s dance along with them with this indulgent and thick Sweet Cherry, Cranberry, Plum and Cinnamon Crumble Lassi Gose and forget about all our troubles, even just for a while."

  • Stu Mostów / Pinta ART+64...

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    "This is already the second collaboration with the PINTA brewery in Wroclaw. This time, we decided to conduct an experiment. The beer was fermented using Scandinavian Hornindal yeast, which is extremely interesting due to its fast fermentation rate and high temperature at which it occurs. Thanks to this, the aromatic profile is unique and full of fruity esters. We went one step further and used the kettle sour method to acidify the wort, and after fermentation, we added incredibly aromatic calamansi, coconut flakes, and vanilla. The whole creates a delicious citrus dessert."

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  • Stu Mostów / Finback GEEK


    "GEEK is a powerful sour beer created in collaboration with the American Finback Brewery. This thick beer is characterized by a strong, sour taste and contains a powerful blend of fruits: mango and peach. It's a perfect fit for the upcoming spring days and will be a great choice to open the new beer season. The beer was soured in the kettle using lactic acid bacteria, which gives it a unique depth of flavor."

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  • The Garden Dolina
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    The Garden Dolina


    Imperial Blueberry, Lemon & Vanilla Sour