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  • Fantome Saison

    € 6,40
  • Blaugies Saison d'Epeautre

    € 5,18
  • De Ranke Saison de Dottignies

    € 5,76
  • Blaugies / Hill Farmstead...

    € 5,18
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  • Blaugies La Moneuse

    € 5,18
  • Blaugies Darbyste

    € 5,18
  • Fantôme La Dalmatienne -...

    € 6,40
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  • Fantôme De Tous les D'iâpes

    € 5,37

    3rd Batch of Fantôme de Tous les D'iâpes. Fantome made specially to celebrate the qualification of the Belgian football team to the World Cup 2018 (in Russia). BB on bottle is end 2020.

  • Nevel Rust

    € 13,13

    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with Groene Bel. "The first thing you'll notice about Rust is the barrel character. Not too heavy, but woven into the fabric of the beer like a fine thread. Juicy aromas of sweet tangerine and a fresh touch of watermint create a calm, winelike structure with flavours that stay close together. Underneath are warm, malty notes that form the rich foundation of this beer. The finish has a soft echo of the Groene Bel dryhop, which lays earthy, mildly bitter notes on top of the wood tannins. Rust was aged on oak for 12 months."

  • Blaugies La Moneuse Triple X

    € 5,43
  • Brabant Origame 6 Saison du...

    € 5,99
  • Atom Hop Farm

    € 19,77

    "As part of the charity auction during the Denver Rare Beer Festival we offered up a brew day on our copper kettle. Our new friends Malia and Bryson Dunn were the lucky winners of that auction. Together we created Hop Farm. We took a straight forward 50/50 malt bill of wheat and pilsner malt and added eight hop additions during the boil. We chose the hops for their aromatic properties, not their bittering characteristics. This beer shows how you can layer in amazing hop character without creating a bitter hop bomb. Enjoy!"

  • Kemker Biäke

    € 13,53

    Darker saison brewed with rye malt, wholecone Tettnanger hops and a good whip of Birch leves.

  • Fantôme / Cellar West Silos...

    € 7,02

    Wheat Saison brewed with spices and Colorado hops, collab with Cellar West Artisan Ales.

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Fresita

    € 9,45

    Cuvée Saison (Blend of Saison, Brett Saison, Sour Saison) with organic strawberries from Maresme

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Grisette

    € 5,38
    : 2

    "Grisette is the little cousin to our Saison. It is brewed to drink fresh but will age nicely with our mixed house yeast/brett culture. Low alcohol, dry, refreshing, light bodied beer with notes of citrus and tropical fruit balanced with earthy continental hop character and moderate bitterness. A refreshing session beer to quench your thirst on those sunny Mediterranean days. Salud"

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Melocoton

    € 9,06

    Cuvée Saison (Blend of Saison, Brett Saison, Sour Saison) with organic peaches from Ordal (Barcelona).

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Saison

    € 5,88

    "Saison is our no nonsense Belgian style farmhouse beer. Aroma and flavor is driven by our house mixed yeast/brett culture that give notes of citrus fruit and light spice. A generous use of continental hops and 100% Belgian Pilsen malt balance out the yeast character to create a dry, refreshing and easy to drink beer!"

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  • Kemker Stadt Land Bier

    € 9,89

    "Stadt Land Bier is our canvas for an easy drinking Saison. This batch was brewed with German Tettnanger and Belgian Centennial hops. Fermented with our houseculture in red wine barrels." Batch 2020-02

  • Stillwell Sook

    € 13,68

    "All Czech Saaz stainless steel-fermented grisette. Light, bright, fun, funky, bitter, refreshing."

  • Atrium The One

    € 5,99
    : 4
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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Digresión

    € 8,32

    "A blend of 28% mixed fermentation saison (6 months), 28% mixed fermentation saison (18 months), 22% sour saison, 22% mixed fermentation saison (6 months in oak)."

  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2020...

    € 23,93
    : 3

    "Alvinne Fellowship 2020 Ale No 6: Spontaneous Fermentation (40%) blended with mixed fermentation farmhouse sour with quince (60%). 15 month BA on Bordeaux."

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  • La Sambre Socoron

    € 13,60

    "Socoron (or Socouran) is the name used to designate 6 row winter barley in Wallonian dialect and translates as "Escourgeon" in French. It is one of our traditional saison. It’s brewed with malted and raw local 6 row winter barley. This grain is more challenging to work with and has a much lower yield which explains its rarity in modern beer. However, the challenges it creates are worth facing to get its deep rustic profile with earthy and bready notes. A traditional farmhouse yeast strain combining high attenuation and a complex fermentation profile that displays white spices, lemon, grappes and grassy herbal notes. An authentic farmhouse beer, Brewed in our 800 years old farm."

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  • La Malpolon Saison du Chai

    € 11,91

    Blend of six barrels of saisons and mixed fermented beers. the average of the BA beers used is 10 months.

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Gravel

    € 7,98

    Saison with grapefruit and dry hopped with Mosaic and HBC 630.

  • Burning Sky Saison de Pêche

    € 15,47

    "A special release if our Saison Provision, this beer was aged on a mix of whole yellow and white peaches for three months. Delicious redolent fruit flavours married with our classic house acidity gives us a beer to truly savour."

  • DOK Amy Farmhouse

    € 14,44

    Funky farmhouse ale aged in white wine barrels. Fermented with a blend of Brettanolyces and Fantome yeast.

  • Kemker Aenne

    € 9,76

    "Aenne is our hoppy Saison. Brewed with a good amount of Styrian Golding hops in the coolship. Notes of citrus, pine and green tea."

  • L'Ermitage Summer Krump

    € 14,22

    "Light and Funky/Souor saison, fermented with a cocktail of yeast and lactic bacteria. We've added a generous amount of bergamot, yuzu and tangerine to it which gives its delicious refreshing citrus aromas and that gorgeous bright yellow color." BB is May 2022

  • Fantome Santé 24

    € 10,55

    2021. Exclusive brew done every year for a good deed.

  • La Malpolon Chante-Loup 2020

    € 11,98

    "Hybrid of beer (80%) cider (20%), with apples from orchards close to the brewery. Barrel of "natural" cider fermented at the brewery then blended with a saison wort with chanteclerc and patte de loup apple pomace for a mixed fermentation of wild yeasts and kveiks, then aged in white wine barrels for 6 months."

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  • Kemker Mandarina

    € 14,26

    "Mandarina is a blend of barrel-aged saison beers. Brewed with organic barley, wheat malt and spelt. Generously hopped with european aroma hops. The beers in this blend matured on average for 16 months in red wine and Cognac barrels. This blend shows beautiful aging notes but still offers the summery freshness of orange peels, macerated Scheurebe and ripe apples. Bottled April 2022. 640 bottles."

  • Burning Sky Cherry Saison

    € 15,53

    "Sour Morello Cherries from Kent were delivered to us fresh and added to a nine month old foudre aged saison. Further ageing and refermentation has drawn out a beautiful colour and complexity of cherry fruit, almond and oak flavours."

  • Burning Sky / Thornbridge...

    € 13,96

    "This beer started life in March 2019, brewed with our long term friends at Thornbridge. A portion was released by them as Vicious Circle in 2020. The remainder was sent to us, aged further in our barrels, then blended with a mixed fermentation saison. A true representation of both breweries’ barrel ageing projects, we have come full circle."

  • DUST 016 - Tutty Frutty

    € 21,78

    #016 - "A blend of Kriek lambiek, Raspberry lambiek and barrel aged DUST saison " Bottled august 2021.