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Pastry Sour


  • DOK I Shot the Cherry

    € 11,46
    : 3

    Pastry Sour brewed with cherries and lactose.

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  • DOK I Shot the Cherry Pinot...

    € 20,42

    Pastry Sour brewed with cherries and lactose and then aged for 6 months in Burgundy Pinot Noir barrels.

  • Buxton / Omnipollo Original...

    € 5,73

    "A refreshingly sweet and tart raspberry ice cream pale ale from The Original Ice Cream Series, by Buxton x Omnipollo" BB is 28/09/22

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  • Stu Mostów King Nothing

    € 4,02
    : 1

    "Briefly: King Nothing. Longer: Double Chocolate Triple Fruited Imperial Pastry Sour. Specifically: a sweet and sour dessert of blackberries called forest berries, apricots, bananas and aromatic cocoa beans. Beer brewed especially for the Beer Geek Madness 2022 Space Race Edition festival. Dense and full. Perfect for space travel." BB is 21/10/2022

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  • Stu Mostów The Headless...

    € 3,99
    : 2

    "We continue our series of crazy dessert sours! Souring the beer in the kettle gave the beer the right sourness, while a fair amount of residual sugar was provided by the addition of maltodextrin and lactose, which are unfermented sugars. Another nod to dessertiness is the Hydra yeast, it is also the one that leaves a lot of saccharides. Complexity is lent by a proprietary blend of spices that includes cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, cloves and vanilla. The whole thing resembles a tart!"

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  • Stu Mostów / Folkingebrew...

    € 4,36

    "The beer was created in collaboration with Dutch brewery Folkingebrew. This Imperial Pastry Stout was inspired by "Cherry Bon Bon" chocolates which resulted in another crazy sour beer. The lactic bacteria used in the souring process are responsible for its acidity. The fruits used (cherry, strawberry and plum) give the beer amazing red fruit flavors. The whole is complemented by maple syrup, chocolate (cocoa beans) and vanilla."

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