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Pastry Sour


  • DOK I Shot the Cherry

    € 11,46

    Pastry Sour brewed with cherries and lactose.

  • Totem Rhubarb Pastry Sour

    € 2,88

    Sour brewed with Rhubarb and Lactose

  • Stu Mostów Salamander...

    € 2,99

    "It was made from super soft, sweet`n sour base, brewed with a bunch of oats, wheat and milk sugar – lactose, that created the perfect canva for fruit addition. This time we use crazy amounts of juicy nectarines mixed with sweet and sour raspberries, to obtain a clean raspberry tartness and tropical, mohito alike aroma. Super refreshing and comprehensive composition!"

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  • Zagovor Soul in a Big City
    • Nieuw

    Zagovor Soul in a Big City

    € 6,01

    "Imperial Pastry Sour Ale with raspberry, blueberry and blackberry puree, vanilla and lactose."

  • Kees Cherry - Vanilla Sundae Sour
    • Nieuw

    Kees Cherry - Vanilla...

    € 3,21

    Pastry sour brewed with cherries and Vanilla.

  • Mountains Walking Sweets - Caramel Apple
    • Nieuw

    Mountains Walking Sweets -...

    € 9,88

    "Smoothie Style Sour Ale brewed in collaboration with our friends at Wild Crumb Bakery. This thick and decadent Sour Ale base is brewed with oats, conditioned on Caramel, Cinnamon, and fruited with over 2,000lbs of Apple Puree. "