Liste des produits par marque Brouwerij Kees

  • Kees / Akia Show Me The Honey

    2,97 €
  • Kees / De Dochter van de...

    3,11 €

    "A fantastic collab with De Dochter van de Korenaar. Like Kees, this Belgian brewery likes to push the boundaries by brewing very surprising beers. Orange and chocolate! The perfect match for an exceptional stout. Our friends of the Dochter van de korenaar love's Orange Trempée. A slice of candied orange dipped in dark chocolate. Together we have incorporated these flavours into a delicious stout. A nice beer with roast flavours and chocolate combined with a touch of orange. A covenant of chocolate and fruity delight!"

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  • Kees A Whiter Shade of Ale

    3,24 €
    : 1

    Hazy Thiol IPA.

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  • Kees Anniversary -6

    3,21 €

    Imperial Stout wih no adjuncts.

  • Kees Barrel Project 18.14

    3,63 €
    : 2
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  • Kees Barrel Project 20.07

    3,94 €

    Export Porter (Imperial Stout) aged in Cognac barrels.

  • Kees Barrel Project 2022...

    3,96 €

    "Barley Wine Aged in Vino Naranja Barrels made specially for the Plus supermarkets in the Netherlands"

  • Kees Barrel Project 2022...

    4,32 €

    Barley Wine Aged in White wine (Sauternes) barrels for 16 months)

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  • Kees Barrel Project 2023...

    4,34 €

    "This stout has been in barrels for a total of 27 months. An Imperial Rye stout aged in barrels not once but twice. First, the beer spent 14 months in Laphroaig barrels. George Dickel barrels then spent 13 months giving it a very special soft character."

  • Kees Barrel Project 2023...

    4,29 €

    Imperial Stout aged for 26 months in Cognac barrels.

  • Kees Barrel Project Buffalo...

    4,12 €

    Imperial Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels.

  • Kees Caramel Fudge Stout

    2,92 €

    Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate & caramel.

  • Kees Caramel Fudge Stout...

    4,43 €

    Imperial Stout brewed wiith chocolate and caramel, then aged in Mosctel barrels.

  • Kees Caramel Fudge Stout...

    4,36 €

    Imperial Stout brewed wiith chocolate and caramel, then aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels.

  • Kees Catch Me By the Coconuts

    3,21 €

    Imperial Pastry Stout with chocolate and coconut

  • Kees Coconut Grapefruit Bar

    2,97 €
  • Kees Dark & Stormy

    2,65 €

    "A Real man wears a kilt"

  • Kees Enjoy the Silence
    • Nouveau

    Kees Enjoy the Silence

    3,28 €

    "Strong and robust. Full of flavor due to American hop varieties and fruity aromas."

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  • Kees Export Porter 1750

    2,95 €

    "Black and sticky to the bone!"

  • Kees Mosaic On Steroids

    2,88 €
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  • Kees Oui, Oui, Mon Chéri

    4,11 €

    Imperial Red Stout

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  • Kees Purple is the New Black

    3,28 €

    "This one is really a special one, it's a pastry stout brewed with UBE jam. UBE is a sweet potato from Philippines that gives the beer a lovely purple colour. Beside's the UBE we used coconut, vanilla."

  • Kees Saint Brandarius...

    3,55 €

    Imperial Stout insfused with Saint Brandarius Whisky.

  • Kees Strawberry &...

    2,93 €
    : 3

    Milkshake IPA with strawberries & marshmallows

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  • Kees Undisclosed Desires

    5,76 €

    "It's a freeze-distilled Scotch Ale"

  • Verre Kees

    4,55 €