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  • Alcohol: 13.3%
  • Lervig / Põhjala Rackhouse...

    € 17,98

    "After a summer 2020 weekend in the Norwegian wilderness with Põhjala, we filled imperial stout into a very specific ratio of rum, bourbon, and maple syrup barrels. Over a year later, these barrels have imparted a diversity of flavours and aromas into the beer that go beyond the characteristics of the liquids that they once contained. Best enjoyed outdoors with friends."

  • Lervig / Amundsen From...

    € 17,31

    "Warning: Contains alot of peanuts! swirl bottle before pouring. Bourbon barrel-aged salted peanut imperial stout 13.3%. Last year, Amundsen (Oslo) visited us and we put a velvety imperial stout into freshly emptied bourbon barrels. After 14 months, we pulled the beer and added over a quarter-tonne of peanuts. A touch of salt provides the perfect balance to the sweet and savory roasted-nut flavor, while the bourbon gives finishing notes of vanilla, oak and caramel."