Lambic - Sour

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  • Alcohol: 8.5%
  • De Leite Cuvée Mam'zelle


    Blond ale matured and soured in oak casks.

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  • De Leite Cuvée Soeur'ise


    Triple kriek - oak aged.

  • Boon Oude Gueuze Monoblend...


    Foeder 86 is from 1935 and in 2016, the front and back staves were replaced by new French Oak. The Blend is made out of 90% old lambic (31 months) from Foeder 86 and 10% young lambic.

  • La Calavera No Gods, No...


    Whisky BA Red Sour Ale

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  • Boon Oude Gueuze Monoblend...


    "The lambic in foeder n°31 aged for four and a half years before it became this Oude Geuze. It's typified by its fine carbonation and pleasant cognac-like nose. The fluent and mellow but strong aroma with hints apricots and walnuts is supported by a clear oak character. Brewed on 30 November 2015, bottlerd on 14 May 2020."

  • Bellwoods Donkey Venom


    "At its roots it's a rich, dark ale, but the time it spends in barrels with brett and bacteria harmonizes the ingredients, yielding bright levels of acidity and complimentary fruit flavours. A hybrid style of sorts, that defies simple categorization. A foundation of roasted malts lends aromas of chocolate, mocha, and charred wood, while the flavours are firmly rooted in tart berries, black forest cake, and subtle caramel. High, refined carbonation within a dry body."