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  • Lervig Supersonic

    € 5,76
  • DDVD Korenaar Noblesse XO...

    € 5,85
    Niet op voorraad
  • DDVD Korenaar Finesse Pure Oak

    € 6,22
    Niet op voorraad
  • DDVD Korenaar Fleur Sauvage

    € 6,71

    Barrel aged Belle Fleur IPA (13 Months) which gives a funky and complex beer.

  • DDVD Korenaar La Différence

    € 7,37
  • Lervig Tasty Juice

    € 4,95
  • Stillwell Gosh

    € 13,40

    This Farmhouse ale was fermented with Stillwell's house culture and matured in French oak wine barrels. Dry hopped with Mosaic. Bottled Sept 2019

  • Stillwell Merryweather

    € 12,29
    Niet op voorraad
  • Stillwell Solo Batch 2

    € 12,29
  • Oxbow / Naparbier La Griseta

    € 17,75
    Niet op voorraad
  • Lervig Idaho Picnic

    € 5,10

    "Idaho 7 is our favourite new hop because they’re piney, tropical, fruity, citrusy, earthy, and floral all at once. How can you beat that? By combining it with Loral hops - the newest “hot hop” that is bursting with lemon-citrus and dark fruit character. On top of that, we used Cryo Loral, which are specially processed with liquid nitrogen to separate the lupulin glands from the rest of the hop plant to give more of that sweet hop nectar. We brewed them up with Golden Promise malt, chewy oats, and smooth wheat to give a luscious mouthfeel and body to accentuate these special hops. Perfect for a picnic on a beautiful day in Idaho... or anywhere."

  • DDVD Korenaar Bravoure Oak...

    € 5,68

    Special barrel aged blend for Borefts Festival 2019.

  • Stillwell Glou

    € 13,40
  • Stillwell Preach

    € 13,40

    "Preach was blended from four diverse tart or bitter saisons, each fermented and aged in oka wine barrels. The blend was re-fermented with 300g/l whole Nova Scotia grown peaches." Bottled Jan 2019.

  • Stillwell Rieslinger

    € 13,40

    "RIESLINGER was two years in the making — a blend of 2/3 saison well-aged in a first-use Pineau des Charentes puncheon and 1/3 white wine barrel-aged saison. The blend was then re-fermented on a slight 130 g/l of 2018 harvest Riesling skins from Blomidon Estate and we bottle conditioned it for a good, long while. In the glass you get nuttiness from the PdC, vinous character from many sources, bright acidity and fun funk from our house cultures and gorgeous, super-fun tannins on the palate."

  • Stillwell Shiro

    € 13,40

    "Containing threads brewed over almost a year (including, at 25%, the very light and oaky batch #1, its first appearance in a blend). Shiro is deep, tart, fuzzy and fun. The blend, 860L total, was re-fermented on more than 600 lbs of Nova Scotia-grown Shiro plums for several months prior to bottling. Crush and/or consider."
    Brewed Apr 2017-Feb 2018, Bottled Winter 2018

  • DOK Van Mijn Erf!

    € 5,45

    Sour/Funky Saison