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  • Merk: Brauerei Jan Kemker
  • Kemker Biäke

    € 13,53

    Darker saison brewed with rye malt, wholecone Tettnanger hops and a good whip of Birch leves.

  • Kemker Stadt Land Bier

    € 9,89

    "Stadt Land Bier is our canvas for an easy drinking Saison. This batch was brewed with German Tettnanger and Belgian Centennial hops. Fermented with our houseculture in red wine barrels." Batch 2020-02

  • Kemker Aenne

    € 9,76

    "Aenne is our hoppy Saison. Brewed with a good amount of Styrian Golding hops in the coolship. Notes of citrus, pine and green tea."

  • Kemker Mandarina

    € 14,26

    "Mandarina is a blend of barrel-aged saison beers. Brewed with organic barley, wheat malt and spelt. Generously hopped with european aroma hops. The beers in this blend matured on average for 16 months in red wine and Cognac barrels. This blend shows beautiful aging notes but still offers the summery freshness of orange peels, macerated Scheurebe and ripe apples. Bottled April 2022. 640 bottles."