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  • Merk: Brasserie La Malpolon
  • La Malpolon Saison du Chai

    € 11,91

    Blend of six barrels of saisons and mixed fermented beers. the average of the BA beers used is 10 months.

  • La Malpolon Chante-Loup 2020

    € 11,98

    "Hybrid of beer (80%) cider (20%), with apples from orchards close to the brewery. Barrel of "natural" cider fermented at the brewery then blended with a saison wort with chanteclerc and patte de loup apple pomace for a mixed fermentation of wild yeasts and kveiks, then aged in white wine barrels for 6 months."

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  • La Malpolon / Goutte d'Or...

    € 11,91

    "Rye and grilled pumpkin beer aged a year in barrels. Filtered on hay, and grilled pumpkins macerated in our coolship a night on the hot wort."