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  • Merk: Brasserie BFM
  • BFM Saison au Cidre

    € 12,19

    Sour-ish saison blended with 40% cider and aged in oak barrels used to age Saint Bon-Chien

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  • BFM La Saison V 441 La...

    € 5,21

    Sour-ish saison with Rhubarb Juice (12%) aged in oak barrels that were previously used to age Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien

  • BFM V 484 La Saison Tourbée...

    € 12,19

    Sour-ish saison brewed with peated malts and "fleur de sel" (salt) and aged in oak barrels previously used to age Saint Bon-Chien.

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  • BFM Le Brut de Bon-Chien 2017

    € 29,71
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  • BFM Degustator Goumi Bärliner

    € 6,95

    Strong Berliner Weisse brewed with gummy bears (2%).

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  • BFM Degustator Imperial...

    € 7,34

    Imperial Stout w. Raisinée (Caramelized and concentrated slow-cooked pear and quince juice)

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