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  • Siren Pompelmocello

    € 3,21

    "This sour IPA is hopped with Ekuanot, Bravo and Mosaic to create the biggest grapefruity hop profile we could muster, but we've also included grapefruit zest and juice for good measure. Lactose rounds things out with a sweet and smooth touch. "

  • Siren White Tips

    € 3,30

    Session White IPA.

  • Buxton Mangifera

    € 3,36
    Niet op voorraad
  • Buxton King Slayer

    € 5,02
  • De Moersleutel Smoke Screen

    € 4,37
  • De Moersleutel Motorolie...

    € 5,20

    Imperial Stout with Coffee

  • Buxton / Omnipollo...

    € 7,61
  • De Moersleutel Acid Dreams...

    € 4,12

    Raspberry - Blackcurrant Berliver Weisse

  • De Moersleutel Smeerolie...

    € 5,20

    Imperial Stout with chipotle, vanilla, cinnamon - cacao nibs.

  • De Moersleutel / Kabinet...

    € 5,20

    Imperial Stout with Vanilla, Cacao nibs, walnuts, nutmeg and lactose.

  • Left Handed Giant Go Ahead

    € 4,11

    Sour with Raspberry and Rhubarb

    Niet op voorraad
  • Left Handed Giant New Normal

    € 4,11

    Pale Ale w. Cryo Mosaic, Loral, Cryo Citra and Galaxy

    Niet op voorraad
  • Left Handed Giant North Nights

    € 5,53

    Imperial Stout w. Lactose, Cinder Toffee, fenugreek and pecan essence.

    Niet op voorraad
  • Left Handed Giant Original...

    € 3,43

    Foreign Export Stout

  • Buxton Sloper

    € 2,69
  • Siren / Salt The Abyssal Zone

    € 3,84

    "We welcomed back our old friend Colin Stronge (Salt Beer Factory) to Finchampstead to take on a style that we've never attempted before - a Baltic Porter. This beer is rich with flavour, slightly sweet, pitch black and heart-warmingly robust. The name is inspired by an almost-freezing depth of the ocean that remains in perpetual darkness."

  • Siren Coldblooded

    € 3,56
  • Tanker / DOK I Quad You Not

    € 4,42

    Imperial Saison dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin

  • Siren Royal Crumble

    € 3,83

    "We're recreating the classic crumble in all its sweet and sour wonder. Sharp, tangy rhubarb joins forces with a kettle sour base to bring vibrant, mouth-puckering tartness. Our crumble topping combines biscuity, nutty mixed-grain malts with delicate spices, while lactose brings everything together with silky smooth body and comforting sweetness.""

  • Siren Sins

    € 3,82

    "This 7th Anniversary Celebration takes inspiration from the seven deadly sins. Using some artistic license and 1000l of Apple Juice, 'Sins' is a beer/cider hybrid, a style sometimes referred to as a Graf. Even more unusually, we've taken this concept into a robust stout recipe!"

  • Siren Virtues

    € 4,06

    "This 7th Anniversary Celebration takes inspiration from the seven heavenly virtues. We've accentuated a trademark IPA with a heavenly selection of fruits (Apricot, Mango, Passionfruit, peach, pineapple, pink guava, papaya and strawberry). Centennial, Sabro and Mosaic cut through with punchy hop character and balancing bitterness."

    Niet op voorraad
  • Siiren / Lervig Much Ado...

    € 4,11

    "Nothing beats a fresh Blueberry Muffin. Except of course, a Blueberry Muffin beer! Our collaboration with Lervig is suitably bursting with juicy blueberries. A delicate vanilla sweetness is offset by hoppy citrus flavours and a subtle lemon undertone throughout, making this pale ale both indulgent and refreshing all at once."

  • Siren Suspended in Cans

    € 3,25

    Hazy Pale Ale hopepd with Citra. "Our popular "Suspended in..." range, now in cans! Check the gyle number to find the hop focus of your can."

  • Extraomnes / Fantome Negroni

    € 9,79

    Italian version of the Negroni collab.

  • De Moersleutel 4 Years Aperitif
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel 4 Years...

    € 4,62

    "Quadruple fruited Sour Ale, fermented with four types of berry for our four years anniversary. The beer contains strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. As a finish we've added vanilla to round the beer up with a smooth aftertaste"

  • De Moersleutel 4 Years Dessert
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel 4 Years Dessert

    € 10,37

    BA Imperial Stout

  • De Moersleutel 4 Years Dinner
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel 4 Years Dinner

    € 7,89

    BA Imperial Stout

  • De Moersleutel 4 Years Starter
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel 4 Years Starter

    € 4,78

    DDH DIPA Citra, Loral and Centennial.

  • De Moersleutel Motorolie
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel Motorolie

    € 4,83

    Russian Imperial Stout

  • De Moersleutel Wanna taste my gingerbread man?
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel Wanna taste...

    € 5,26

    Imperial Gingerbread stout brewed with Ginger, Vanilla, Cinnamon and nutmeg.

  • De Moersleutel Willy Tonka 4 (Tonka - Liquorice)
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel Willy Tonka...

    € 5,26

    Imperial Stout brewed with Tonka beans and Liquprice

  • Siren Affogato
    • Nieuw

    Siren Affogato

    € 4,12

    "Inspired by the classic dessert, Affogato's golden base is fermented to leave a touch of residual sugar, then loaded up with lactose to offer ice-cream-like body and perceived sweetness. Our coffee, recommended and roasted by The Tate Roastery, drives impactful chocolate and rich espresso notes, while cypress wood lends a nice undertone of vanilla wafer that both complements and balances the beer."

  • Siren / van Moll Guava Script
    • Nieuw

    Siren / van Moll Guava Script

    € 4,06

    "Both Sean {our new Head Brewer} and Erwin {of Van Moll fame} have been keen to experiment with pink guava, so this collaboration recipe almost coded itself! Our sour sensation is intensified with mango and passionfruit before being dry-hopped with Azacca and Mosaic."

  • Siren Half Mast
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    Siren Half Mast

    € 3,20

    "Half Mast aims to hit the flavour and punchiness of an IPA at a fraction of the usual ABV. It has all the impact and balance you'd expect from a Siren beer - bitterness without bite, soft mouthfeel and a hop profile of Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo and Centennial popping with juicy mango and grapefruit notes. "

  • Siren Heart of Ice
    • Nieuw

    Siren Heart of Ice

    € 3,26

    "With some very rare tank space in the brewery, it would have been remiss of us not to take advantage with a beautifully matured lager. All Bavarian hops and carefully selected malt combine in this crystal clean, crisp beer. It's a drink to be savoured, finishing with a lightly hoppy flourish"

  • Siren I left My Wallet in El Dorado
    • Nieuw

    Siren I left My Wallet in...

    € 4,07

    "Our latest IPA is in an evolving line of recipes that we have dubbed 'Tasty IPAs' - no preconceptions about coasts, all focus on flavour. This easy drinking beer sees El Dorado take the lead with juicy stone fruit and tropical character. It's backed up by complementary dank, piney and citrus notes. You gotta get it."