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  • Alcohol: 6.4%
  • L'Ermitage Théorème de...

    € 2,51
  • De la Senne / De Garde...

    € 10,64
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  • L'Ermitage / La Nébuleuse...

    € 2,82

    Juicy white IPA hopped with Citra and Mosaic

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  • Mjøderiet / Malmö Meadery...

    € 8,17

    Session mead with blood orange, dried lime fruit and coriander seeds. Carbonated.

  • 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek Vat...

    € 8,07

    Season 18/19, Assemblage #66. bottled on 18/04/19. This specific Oude Kriek has macerated for 6 months with the cherries oak foeders. The lambics in this blend come from 7 different barrels and originating from 7 different brews from 3 Fonteinen. The final fruit intensity is of 356 grams of sour cherries per liter of Oude Kriek.

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  • L'Ermitage Théorème de...

    € 2,51

    Pale Ale brewed with green tea and jasmin flowers.

  • 3 Fonteinen Framboos Oogst...

    € 37,68

    Season 18/19 Assemblage n°103 bottled on 22/08/19. For this specific Framboos, summer raspberries were used. Maceration was short to nicely fuse the fruitiness, fruit acids and soft lambics. The used lambics come from 3 different barrels and 5 different brews, two from Lindemans (80%) and three from 3F (20%).

  • 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze...

    € 5,36

    Season 2018-2019 Assemblage #64. bottled on 08/04/19. Blend made from 6 different barrels originating from 5 different brews. At bottling, the average age of the lambics used was months

  • 3 Fonteinen OG Armand -...

    € 8,24

    Season 18/19 Assemblage #39. bottled on 14/02/19. Blend made with 100% lambic brewed by 3 Fonteinen from 3 different barrels originating from 3 different brews. The average age of the lambic used is 20 months.

  • 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek...

    € 14,36

    Season 18/19Assemblage #78. bottled on 06/06/19. This particular Oude Kriek has macerated for almost 7 months. The lambics used for the maceration come from one barrel and two brews. The lambic that was used for blending originates from another barrel and two other brews. 100% lambic brewed by 3F.

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  • 3 Fonteinen Robijn 18/19...

    € 22,17

    Assemblage #104. Bottled on 28/08/2019.This particular (Oude Kriek) Robijn has macerated for more than 10 months in a toasted oak barrel. The final fruit intensity is 695 grams of cherries per liter of finished beer. The lambics that were used for macerating and blending arre 100% 3f and originate from 3 barrels and 6 brews. 70% of this blend consists of 2 year old lambic.

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  • Lervig Rainbow Road
    • Nieuw

    Lervig Rainbow Road

    € 3,17

    "Filled with Ekuanot, HBC431 and Citra hops, this rainbow of an IPA will be a home run all day. It’s a really good go-to if you want something with full-flavour and body. If you ever wanted to taste the rainbow, sorry to say this is just beer, but it’s a really fresh and tasty one as you expect from a Lervig IPA."