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  • Alcohol: 11.3%
  • Abbaye de Rochefort 10

    € 3,26
  • Kees Barrel Project 18.15

    € 3,63
  • Kees Barrel Project 20.03

    € 4,22

    Barley wine aged for 6 months on Islay Single Malt Whisky barrels.

  • La Sambre Rye IV
    • Nieuw

    La Sambre Rye IV

    € 13,10

    "Our take on the heaviest of all Belgian classic, the quadrupel. We have used different layers of caramel malts and high quality Belgian candi syrup to create a complex bouquet of dried fruits including plums, dates, dried raisins as well as notes of fresh dark cherries. To impart a deeper complexity we used rye malt which results in an oily texture and some spicy notes. We have used a classic abbey yeast strain to create a balanced fermentation profile rotating around orchard fruits and white spices. Will mellow over time (3 years) if placed in an environment protected from light and heat. "