List of products by brand La Source

  • La Source Bête Noire

    € 4,85

    Jonge Bruin. "We love Oud Bruin! Sanglier is our big up to those beers we cherish A "young version". Quick soured and breefly barrel aged on our wild culture. Less is more they say..."

  • La Source Bourdon

    € 3,71

    Brett Sour beer w/ elderflower. "A pure seasonal beer brewed with fresh foraged elderflower. Expect pleasant herbal and lemony notes coming from flowers, bretts and hops."

  • La Source Carpe

    € 2,74

    Session IPA hopped with Calista, Mosaic and Citra

  • La Source Criquet

    € 2,74

    "This lacto-fermented gruit has been brewed with a mix of traditional gruit herbs: Yarrow, Mugwort, Tansy, Myrtle and Ground Ivy. Expect fresh herbal and minty notes."

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  • La Source La Meute

    € 3,19

    Tropical Hazy IPA! Mosaic Cryo, Eldorado and Sorachi Ace (BE) + Golden Promise and Oats

  • La Source Lièvre

    € 2,77

    Double dry-hopped w. Chinook, Mosaic and Mandarina

  • La Source Louve

    € 3,19

    "A Double IPA brewed with a generous base of spelt, oats, pilsner and vienna that has been double dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Citra and Sabro. A pleasant hop Uppercut..."

  • La Source Mésange

    € 4,85

    "Mésange is our expression of balance. A light Saison. Quick soured and then barrel aged on our house culture. Slightly wild,, slightly hoppy but above all very drinkable.

  • La Source Noire Framboise

    € 3,28

    "Noire Framboise is a very dessert-like imperial stout. A very smooth and choclaty grain bill layered with a generous dose of raspberries and cacao nibs. Yummy!"

  • La Source Pigeon

    € 2,39

    "Sour ale dry hopped with Belgian Sorachi Ace. Notes of key lime sorbet "

  • La Source Primitive 007 -...

    € 3,19

    "We love nelson Sauvon and wanted to know it better. So here we are: a single hop DIPA with a heavy load of Nelson Sauvon only. Lets discover waht the hop is about!"

  • La Source Primitive 012 -...

    € 3,49

    "For this beer we wanted to highlight this local and seasonal fruit typical of our small country: the currant. The recipe is designed to leave it the center stage. All in on currants!

  • La Source Rainette

    € 2,39

    "Bière de soif. A simple beer made for a very simple purpose: quench your thirst! Bitter but not too much, hoppy but not too much, malty but... you get it!"

  • La Source Salamandre
    • Nieuw

    La Source Salamandre

    € 3,40

    "Our seasonal beer to celebrate summer: lots of raspberries with a touch of rubarb for the indulgence. A refreshing and regressive beer to be enjoyed in the sun."

  • La Source Taupe

    € 2,42

    Porter with Chocolate notes brewed with wheat and black wheat.