Sour - Wild Ale

  • Verzet / Surly Doktor Rudi

    2,24 €
  • The Bruery Terreux Beret

    16,83 €
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  • Tanker / DOK I Quad You Not

    4,42 €

    Imperial Saison dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin

  • Struise Dark Horse Reserva

    18,16 €
  • Stillwell Poptones (Remix)

    12,29 €
  • Stillwell Poptones

    10,92 €
  • Six Degrees North BA...

    3,41 €
  • Six Degrees North / Yeastie...

    3,03 €
  • Siren Royal Crumble

    3,83 €

    "We're recreating the classic crumble in all its sweet and sour wonder. Sharp, tangy rhubarb joins forces with a kettle sour base to bring vibrant, mouth-puckering tartness. Our crumble topping combines biscuity, nutty mixed-grain malts with delicate spices, while lactose brings everything together with silky smooth body and comforting sweetness."

  • Siren It's my Jam

    4,04 €

    "We're here for dark beer season and this one won't disappoint. A trio of fruits bring this sour beer to life. We're using Blueberry for tangy acidity, Blackberry for delicious bramble flavours and then off-setting everything with Apricot for some natural stone-fruit sweetness. The tart compote gets an extra dimension with a delicate Mosaic and Ekuanot dry-hop. This is our jam. "

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  • Siphon / Blaugies / Tempel...

    2,80 €
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  • Oud Beersel Bersalis Tripel...

    6,57 €
  • Oud Beersel Bersalis Tripel...

    15,65 €
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  • Oud Beersel Bersalis Kadet...

    6,16 €
  • Oud Beersel Bersalis Kadet...

    6,57 €
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  • Oersoep Wild at Heart

    11,97 €
  • Oersoep Redeem

    11,50 €
  • Oersoep Inbetween

    10,10 €
  • Nevel Meander

    8,47 €
  • Nevel Gulzig

    6,47 €
  • Nevel Bries

    8,47 €
  • Nevel Aard

    13,10 €

    This herbal blend of wild saisons, a golden sour and homemade kvass (fermented Slavic bread drink) is both earthy and mysterious, with deep notes of red beets, red fruit and dark sourdough bread. We spiced the kvass with absinthe wormwood from De Ommuurde Tuin in Heteren, which echoes in the slightly bitter undertone of this beer. Aard is dry, refreshing, full-bodied, mildly sour with a little funk and very drinkable for a beer that is composed of so many different flavours! Bottled in December 2017 with a BB December 2019.

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  • Nevel / White Stork Borderless

    12,11 €
  • Nevel / Frontaal Waan

    7,65 €
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  • Naparbier / Beavertown...

    3,19 €
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  • Loverbeer Saison de...

    7,54 €
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  • Loverbeer Saison de...

    7,64 €
  • Loverbeer Pruss Perdù 2016

    7,73 €
  • Loverbeer Nebiulin 2013/16

    14,04 €
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  • Loverbeer Beer Brugna 2015

    7,89 €
  • Lervig Human Nature

    3,07 €

    Guava Sour

  • Left Handed Giant Go Ahead

    4,11 €

    Sour with Raspberry and Rhubarb

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  • La Source Pigeon
    • Nouveau

    La Source Pigeon

    2,39 €

    "Sour ale dry hopped with Belgian Sorachi Ace. Notes of key lime sorbet "

  • La Sirène Wild Wit

    16,40 €

    Vintage 2015. "The WILD WIT is a Farmhouse Style White Ale that was laid to rest back in 2015 in premium Burgundy barrels which previously had Chardonnay in them. We were always enamoured here at the brewery by the softness that a well-made White Ale can deliver while being able to delicately hold itself together for many years in many an environment, and with this inspiration, we went to work on creating an ageable white ale that worked as a blank canvas with our house yeast. After a secondary then tertiary fermentation, we hopped this farmhouse White Ale with wonderfully tropical Galaxy to give it a new-world edge. "

  • La Sirène Paradoxe

    13,43 €
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  • La Sirène Cuvée de Bois

    17,23 €

    Vintage 2018. "Barrel Aged Wild Ale with Chardonnay - Cuvée De Bois started life out as our Cuvée which began as an open fermented Farmhouse Ale made in our house style, that was co-fermented with Victorian "free run" Chardonnay and left to naturally sour for an extended period. Cuvée evolved to become Cuvée De Bois when we felt the finished beer needed some oude (old) Saison and French oak characters to mellow out the vibrancy of the chardonnay free run and give this ale some length. So to the young fermented beer, we blended 2 x selected barriques of 2013 - 2014 Saison that had been barrel fermented and aged on chardonnay lees a modern day ‘Bière De Coupage’ technique where young and old beer is blended. Cuvée De Bois was laid on it's side to mature and naturally carbonate usin...

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