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Blonde - Ambrée

  • Abbaye de Rochefort Triple

    2,89 €
  • Abbaye des Rocs Blonde

    1,89 €
  • Abbaye des Rocs Montagnarde

    1,94 €

    "The inhabitants of Montignies-sur-Roc, south of Mons in the province of Hainaut, are called Montagnards. It was therefore perfectly normal for a beer brewed in this city to be called Montagnarde. This beer, robust in taste and strength (9%) is the tops for flavour. It has a fruity and spicy bouquet, it has a stark taste, between a sharp bitterness and a caramelised flavour. It has no sugar, and this pure malt beer oscillates between various tendencies which all round off the bitterness. It has a peppery taste at the back of the mouth and a sharpness on the tongue. It is active in the mouth and lets each flavour express itself individually. It is very active in the glass which gives it a full, lasting, head. It has a long conclusion and puts emphasis on an ever present bitterness...

  • Abbaye des Rocs Roc's Saison

    1,88 €
  • AF Brew Running Talus

    4,40 €

    "Officially collaborated with Yakima Chief Hops who introduced the new Talus™ hop breed to seven international breweries: AF Brew (RU), Basqueland Brewing (ES), CRAK Brewery (IT), The Piggy Brewing Company (FR), Siren Craft Brew (EN), To Øl (DK) ? Uiltje Brewing Company (NE) for simultaneous brew and release.
    Talus™ previously known as HBC692 is described as grapefruit, floral, stone fruit, potpourri, woody, coconut, and pine, and to our opinion it shows its worth at the best in single-hopped IPAs like our Running Talus – an accolade to the balance, confidence and harmony found in running talus aka boulder hopping, an outdoor practice on the edge of running, trekking and mountaineering."

  • AltBrau Hybrid Moments
    • Nouveau

    AltBrau Hybrid Moments

    19,18 €

    "Barrel aged saison aged on Frontenac, Saint Croix, and Brianna grape pomace from Ardure Wines in Sonoma County, CA. Macerated on skins, seeds, and stems for week. Conditioned in stainless for I year before bottling"

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  • AltBrau Old Friend
    • Nouveau

    AltBrau Old Friend

    18,92 €

    "The culmination of multiple years of work. As much as we love our fruited beers, it has always been barrel aged saison style beers and gueuze blends that have inspired us most. The expression of microbes on a simple recipe of water, malt, and hops with a gentle oak character is, for us, the perfect beer. We layered complex flavors to create a delicate balance of acidity, hop bitterness, and tannins. This creates a flavor and aroma that no one barrel can achieve. A blend of four neutral oak barrels that previously held red wine containing mixed culture saison and one neutral oak barrel that previously held red wine containing a lambic style recipe fermented 100% with brettanomyces. These barrels aged for 2+ years before being blended and bottled. This beer can be drank now or age...

  • Alvinne Cuvée Theo
    • Nouveau

    Alvinne Cuvée Theo

    2,70 €

    Imperial Saison aged on Chateau Neuf du Pape Foeder

  • Alvinne MoenRye Tripel

    2,31 €
  • Alvinne Morpheus Saison

    1,98 €
  • Alvinne Morpheus Wit

    1,98 €

    Belgian white beer brewed with Morpheus yeast.

  • Alvinne Souterrain

    2,59 €

    Blond Wheat Wine

  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2020...

    23,93 €

    "Alvinne Fellowship 2020 Ale No 6: Spontaneous Fermentation (40%) blended with mixed fermentation farmhouse sour with quince (60%). 15 month BA on Bordeaux."

  • Atom Hop Farm

    19,77 €

    "As part of the charity auction during the Denver Rare Beer Festival we offered up a brew day on our copper kettle. Our new friends Malia and Bryson Dunn were the lucky winners of that auction. Together we created Hop Farm. We took a straight forward 50/50 malt bill of wheat and pilsner malt and added eight hop additions during the boil. We chose the hops for their aromatic properties, not their bittering characteristics. This beer shows how you can layer in amazing hop character without creating a bitter hop bomb. Enjoy!"

  • Atrium 'Verno 20

    4,02 €

    "Winter ale inspired by a Buche de Noël! Brewed with Vienna malt for a lightly sweet and nutty body, oats for a creamy mouthfeel, rye for a touch of spiciness, lactose for the milky side, Madagascar vanilla for the dessert aroma, cacao nibs for the chocolate touch and last but not least, a lot of home roasted pecan nuts... because we love it.
    Ou comme un client la décrit : Gourmande, crèmeuse, réconfortante. Douillette comme des pantoufles chaudes"

  • Atrium / Hof Ten Dormaal Flaloon
    • Nouveau

    Atrium / Hof Ten Dormaal...

    3,28 €

    "Collaboration with Hof Ten Dormaal Brewery. Sour Saison brewed with local spelt from the HTD farm and local sweet woodruff."

  • Atrium Avalanche

    2,70 €
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  • Atrium Brava 2022

    3,91 €

    Double Sour IPA brewed for International Women's Day 2022

  • Atrium Clémentine

    2,45 €
  • Atrium Drizzle

    3,40 €

    "Session sour IPA DDH with Yakima Chief Ranches Status Hop."

  • Atrium Florita

    3,09 €

    Saison with Hibiscus, Orange blossom and Yuzu

  • Atrium Moût de Raison

    3,74 €

    Stout fermented naturally with feshly pressed Gamay wort from Domaine Cinq Peyres in France.

  • Atrium Rosalinda

    3,67 €

    Wheat ale feremented naturally with feshly pressed Gamay wort from Domaine Cinq Peyres in France.

  • Atrium Saison Reserva: Graviola Brett
    • Nouveau

    Atrium Saison Reserva:...

    15,50 €

    Saison with Brett and Graviola aged ofr 9 months in red wine barrels.

  • Atrium The One

    2,50 €
  • Atrium The One

    5,99 €
  • Atrium Tornado
    • Nouveau

    Atrium Tornado

    3,68 €

    Double dry hopped with Ekuanot, El Dorado and Southern Passion hops.

  • Atrium Trio

    2,88 €

    Triple aged for 12 months in Muscat and Rhumm barrels.

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  • Atrium Zythos Special Blend 2022
    • Nouveau

    Atrium Zythos Special Blend...

    12,37 €

    Blend of triple aged 6 months in Nadal Hainaut red wine barrel and a stout aged 18 months in Daumas Gassac red wine barrel .

  • Axiom Foam Climb
    • Nouveau

    Axiom Foam Climb

    2,26 €

    "This West Coast IPA is true to style. Crisp, but with massive bitterness and a fruity direction. Do not be fooled by its apparent lightness."

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  • Axiom Hop Charger
    • Nouveau

    Axiom Hop Charger

    3,56 €

    "The winter is coming to an end, and, after liters of stouts, porters, bocks and other malt-oriented styles, we started to miss hops. And we made up for it, big time. Let us instroduce the Hop Charger! A classic Double IPA like we like it - citruses, tropical fruits, piney notes and refreshing hoppy bitterness in a crispy, medium body. Let´s recharge our hop taste buds all the way to 100 %!"

  • Axiom Teamwork NEIPA
    • Nouveau

    Axiom Teamwork NEIPA

    3,95 €

    "Two brains are better than one, so, following this phylosophy, we sat down as a team and came up with a recipe for a 15°P NEIPA with a blasting composition of hops - Idaho-7, Motueka, Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo. The result is a medium body ale with intensive levels of haziness, with an exotic aroma of citruses and hops, and with a smooth taste profile that slowly accelerates it´s intensity of hops and citruses all the way to a pleasant aftertaste. United we´re stronger than ever before."

  • Belgoo Bloemekei

    2,16 €
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  • Belgoo Bloemekei Bio

    2,26 €
  • Belgoo Keekebisj Bio

    2,26 €

    Dry hopped Belgian Tripel.

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  • Belgoo Keekebisj Export

    2,09 €

    Organic dry hopped Belgian Tripel.

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