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  • La Malpolon Cuvée Guilloire...

    9,73 €

    Blend of 5 wine barrel aged beers aged: 40% (Wild saisons, sours...) and fresh grisette: 60%. light, funky, sour, bitter and round."

  • La Malpolon Small Botch - Tanti Auguri
    • Nouveau

    La Malpolon Small Botch -...

    5,76 €

    "Birthday Grisette, light, fresh and hoppy!"

  • Yazoo Grisette

    10,72 €
  • Yeast of Eden Family Miner
    • Nouveau

    Yeast of Eden Family Miner

    22,02 €

    "Family Miner is our nod to the late 19th century Grisette: the table beer crafted to quench the thirst of stone and coal miners of Belgium. This contemporary interpretation was brewed with a large portion of raw and malted wheat, European noble hops, and open fermented with our native saison microbe blend. Notes of floral hops, hay, and pastoral funk with a stony minerality create a complex, yet inviting beer. Bright, dry, and revitalizing; from us to you, we present Family Miner"