Liste des produits par marque Zagovor

  • Zagovor Soulmate

    4,03 €

    "New England style IPA dry hopped with humulus lupulus var. neomexicanus "HBC 438" a.k.a SABRO hop strain."

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  • Zagovor Cloudy Moscow

    4,37 €

    "Does the ale forecast predict cloudiness in your glass? Cloudy Moscow is a New England style ale dry hopped with El Dordado and Citra, that brings you with the figgy juiciness and pine-apple-citrus aroma profile."

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  • Zagovor Stamp of Approval

    4,70 €

    "The thing we missed for a while - Pure beauty of Citra & Citra Cryo hopped Single Hop NE DIPA! "

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  • Zagovor Smalti

    4,88 €

    "What is the mosaic made out of? Welcome Smalti - those beautiful pieces of glass with every-color-possible palette. Smalti is our fresh & juicy, New England style Double IPA, with only Mosaic hop - one key element that merges it all together."

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