Oud Beersel Bzart Krieklambiek Brut 2019

"bzart Kriekenlambiek Brut Nature is a sparkling pure brut quality beverage based on ”Kriekenlambiek Oud Beersel” (cherry Lambic of Oud Beersel) which is a craft beer produced according to the traditional rules of the “Méthode Classique”. Cherry Lambic is a Belgian spontaneous fermentation beer made of Lambic to which sour cherries are added. The used “Kriekenlambiek Oud Beersel” is traditionally brewed with real sour cherries and with Lambic Oud Beersel that matured in wooden barrels. It contains some 400 grams of sour cherries a litre which is unique in its kind. This kriekenlambiek is bottled and then the “Méthode Classique” (Classic Method) is applied during several months. This means that after adding sugar and a sparkling wine yeast, the “liqueur de tirage”, this kriekenlambiek is re-fermented. Carbon dioxide develops and is locked in the bottle which causes the kriekenlambiek to become effervescent. Other intrinsical steps, such as the “remuage” (riddling) and the “dég...


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