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De la Senne / De Ranke Ribenniz

"To celebrate the 20th anniversary of our beloved Zinnebir, we developed three collabs with breweries that each played an important part in our history. Every time we do the same exercise: we reinterpret the recipe of Zinnebir with a certain touch that is specific to the brewery we collaborated with. The first brewery we invited is De Ranke. When we were between breweries from 2006 to 2010 (between our breweries in St Pieters Leeuw and Molenbeek), they allowed us to brew our beers on their installation. We called this collab Ribbeniz, because it really does reflect the old Zinnebir. She was brewed with a completely different yeast and different hops. We prefer not to elaborate too much in her description, because we want you to discover this beer for yourself, but we can tell you a few things. You will certainly remark a completely different fermentation profile, with a phenolic nose that will remind you of cloves. She has a pronounced and rustic bitterness, and the Belgian h...


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