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"For obvious reasons, the Ukrainian kolos could no longer be "schieve"… No, he has to be victorious! Therefore we changed him to simply KOLOS, and she became female. Juliana Babii, brewer at Pravda Brewery, our friends in Lviv, crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border together with the refugees, to come brew Kolos with us in Brussels. Two days later she returned to her homeland at war, to keep on brewing there despite the horrifying conditions. Kolos is a refreshing summer beer. She is brewed with wheat, rye, spelt and barley malts, to pay homage to the grain culture of Ukraine. We dry-hopped her with Zachrava, a Ukrainian hop, which makes her floral and spicy in the nose. The profits of the sale will be donated to a solidarity fund that houses and feeds the massive amounts of refugee...

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