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"Berlin was made from a single barrel of five year old beer, brewed in April 2018. The wort was made with a nod to traditional Berliner Weissbier brewing, using very pale wheat and pilsner malts, and boiled for a short time with a small amount of old hops. This was then transferred to our open coolship with a good dose of spontaneously collected house culture, to produce a vigorous primary fermentation. The green beer was transfered to a single 500 litre Scotch Whisky butt, for five years maturation, to allow maximum expression of our wild Brettanomyces yeasts. It was bottled unblended, to not dilute the character of this very old beer. A good dose of priming sugar was added to produce lively carbonation. The beer was then conditioned for 6 months in bottle before release. This is undoubtedly one of the most complex beers we have produced, nothing else has been quite like it. The aroma is heady with sharply-fruity pear-drop esters, deep earthy funk and bready-yeast undertones."

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