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Cyclic Beer Farm Animo Chicas

"Ánimo Chicas is a special collaborative brew with wine maker, mentor and close friend Nuria Renom. After helping Nuria with some work in the winery, in January 2018, we decided to take the extra lees from some of her wines to ferment beer. We brewed a base of 80% organic Belgian pilsner malt and 20% organic local ancestral wheat blend using a turbid mash process as is done with traditional lambics. After transfering the wort to the kettle we then boiled it for 4 hours with a large quantity of aged German hops (2-3 years old) before transferring it into a stainless steel fermentor. We then added lees from Núria’s wine “La Maca Beu” and let it ferment there for 2 months. Nuria was then able to get us 2 used oak wine barrels from fellow winemaker Mariano Cueva which we then filled...

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